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This is Frank Jorissen

I’m a Creative and Professional programmer with a huge affinity for MS Office applications.
MS Access, MS Excel, MS Outlook, …

While I am devoted to deliver each and any project on time and even more important within budget, I will also keep a transparant communication on the progress of the project.

My aim is providing added value to your project with my broad experience with large and not so large projects for a variety of happy customers.

The art of programming is the ability
to abstract the essential properties of the world
in a model which is executable on a computer.


Naamsepoort, 3001 Heverlee


+32 (0)475 68 63 60


Born in

22/03/1960 / Belgium

My Skills

I feel comfortable with many methodologies, techniques & program languages but obviously my core competence is VB6 – VBA oriented.

  • VB6 / VBA 98%
  • MS Office 98%
  • CSharp 70%
  • MVC 65%
  • RESTfull web API 65%
  • SCRUM 85%
  • JSON / XML / DOM 85%



Microsoft Exam for Access 95 developer ’s toolkit, Microsoft Zaventem.


HP Educational for supporting Windows NT 4 Enterprise, HP, Brussel.


Certificate for completion of the Oracle Clinical Operator Workshop.


Certificate for training for basic principles of validation and operation of computerized systems in a regulated environment, PAC bv, Rotterdam

2006, Testimonial of Training Windows Exchange Server 2003, VDAB, Leuven

2003, Testimonial of Training Windows 2000 Server, VDAB, Leuven

MS Access & MS Excel fluent ribbon implementations

a few statistics

Troughout the past years I enjoyed a lot of different professional situations. Each and everyone of them with different challenges.


Years IT experience


Served companies


Finished Projects



I am ready to give your project a boost!

Transparant working ethics

From conception to implementation, I maintain a clear, understandable and transparant communication with each and every involved party.


Deciding which of the available possibilities will be the best option for a specific project



Take into account the deliverables and design the functionalities as requested



I consider prototyping as a great solution to get feedback from the end-user



Once the deliverables are created and are a match with the requested functionalities, users can start using the program


Wide & Powerful


Throughout the past years, I participated in numerous projects each and everyone of them with their own challenges.

I list the most current projects, a complete and exhaustive list can be found in my resumé, which you can download here

Work History
8/2017 - CURRENT

Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker digital content

Project description

Aggregating and consolidating digital content & digital media for the Benelux marketing & sales department

Technical envrionment:

Windows 7, SQL server, C#

3/2017 - 8/2017Senior MS Office VBA Application specialist

Athlon Car Lease

Athlon is continuously updating proprietery code

Project description

Many custom Excel & Access applications need to be maintained and updated

Technical envrionment:

Windows 7, citrix

6/2016 - 3/2017Senior consultant

Agfa Gevaert

Agfa is migrating 13 k computers & users from Office 2003 to Office 2013

Project description

Many Excel files and Access databases contain custom proprietary code and need manual adjustments

Technical envrionment:

Windows 8 / Office 2013

3/2016 - 6/2016analyst / programmer

BNP Parisbas Fortis

This company is redesigning the internal hierarchical structure.

Project description

For that operation, and with strict deadlines, they needed a tool to accomodate a smooth working. I provided for them a software solution with an Excel frontend combined with an Access backend.

Technical envrionment:

MS Excel 2010, MS Access 2010, VBA

9/2015 - 2/2016analyst / programmer


Co-developing a web application for the administration of the working hours.

Project description

AariWorX is the custom web application to administer working hours of the aariXa employees.

Technical envrionment:

ASP.NET, Web API, sqlServer, Mono, C#, Entity Framework, Linq, json, Visual Studio 2015

9/2015 - 2/2016analyst / programmer


Co-developing a MCC Pilotlog.

Project description

MCC pilotlog is a multi-platform application, aimed at pilots, to facilitate the administration of entering flight information into legally mandatory flight logs The application is available on Windows, Mac, Android.

Technical envrionment:

IIS, Sqllite, Mono, C#, Entity Framework, Linq

6/2015 - 9/2015analyst / programmer

Pentair Thermal Management

Yamal SiteDB

Project description

Pentair needs an application to track the use of materials in a large project. This project consists of construction sites on multiple yards on multiple continents. Due to poor internet connectivity on the construction sites, the use of a centralized database is not an option. One of the challenges of this project was to maintain the relational integrity of the data in the master database.

Technical envrionment:

Windows 7, MS Access 2010,…

3/2015 - 6/2015analyst / programmer


Capex portfolio financial planning

Project description

Elia has to maintain the operational status and the infrastructure of the Electricity grid. The flexibility of the software they had in mind could not be acomplished within budget with SAP.

Technical envrionment:

Windows 7, MS Access 2010, MS Excel 2010, Fluent ribbon

11/2014 - 3/2015analyst / programmer


Ultimo IBS Reporting for Dutch National Bank

Project description

Creation of quarterly XML reports based on data coming from a multitude of internal sources.

Technical envrionment:

Windows 7, MS Access 2010, MS Excel 2010, XML

8/2014 - 10/2014analyst / programmer

Metro / Makro

Big data reporting

Project description

Querying data for creation of structured and ad-hoc reports for management. Automating report creation by using vb, vba and Excel Maintenance and refactoring of existing reports

Technical envrionment:

VB.NET, VBA, Teradata (sql server), XML

10/2012 - 11/2012analyst / programmer


Accountancy reporting

Project description

Creation of custom reports and Excel dashboard for financial controller.

Technical envrionment:

Windows 7, MS Excel 2010, XML, VBA

9/2011 - 11/2011analyst / programmer

KBC Private Banking

Excel expertise

Project description

The company was looking for a solution to solve multiple problems in an Excel-based application.

Technical envrionment:

Windows 7, MS Excel 2010, XML, VBA

4/2009 - 3/2011analyst / programmer

Stad Leuven

GIS operator

Project description

Analysis of new functionalities for a Geographical application used by the city Establish and maintain procedures between different departments Analyze and propose appropriate adjustments to optimize existing procedures

Technical envrionment:

Windows 7, MS Access 2010, MS Excel 2010, XML, GE SmallWorld

9/2008 - 12/2008analyst / programmer


Document flow management

Project description

Adaptations in a document management module (vbscript) Creation of triggers in an Oracle database Production of several ASP pages Creation vb.NET application for archiving Oracle data

Technical envrionment:

VB.NET, Oracle database

My Education

My Education

1997 - 2000Bachelor Computer Science

Groep T, Leuven

The most relevant courses:

C++, Java, UML, Object Oriented Programming, Networking

1976 -1980A2 Secreatariat

High School

Koninklijk Atheneum Leuven

School Major:

A2 Secretariat

Available & Always


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